Grass Effect appeared as a reggae band in 2009, guided by the passion for the reggae heart beat of two musicians from the South brazil scene. André Luciano (Andread) who is a multi instrument player and musical producer has played in other bands as Os Subtropicais and Fruet e os Cozinheiros and is responsible for most part of the instrumental composition. Zumbira Silva is a composer, guitarrist and singer of Zumbira e os Palmares band and is responsible for most of the lyrics and vocal harmonies.

Feel The Peace of Grass Effect.

From the union of these two talented artists, the passion for reggae music and by the intention of spreading a message to the world through the consecrated rhythm of Bob Marley, popped up the Grass Effect. The band name refers to the concept of peace that the band intend to pass to the contemporaneous man, arising from the nature with a contagious and positive effect to spread to the world.

A Message To The World

The band's first album released in 2011 featuring Grass Effect's reggae roots in the fusion of roots reggae with soul and black pop. Songs like Just Keep Walking, The Essence, Share and Spiritualize set the tone for the new concept of reggae music presented by the band.


Remember The Light

EP containing four songs released digitally in 2013 with signs of the evolution of the band's sound but still with strong messages of hope and questions. Significant songs like Stay With Me Again, Rigth Words, Why and Remember The Light are on this EP.


Stones of Grass Effect

Second album of unpublished songs of the band presenting the new phase of the band. Prediction of launch in 2017. The album was financed by the announcement #juntospelacultura of the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. And already was released the first single called A guide and a Shield. Access in: 


Reggae From The South

Collection of songs including the album A Message to the world of 2011 and the album Stones of Grass Effect of 2017. Funded by the edital #juntospelacultura of the government of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. To be released in 2017.


The Band

Zumbira Silva

Lyrics, Melodies, Compositions and Lead Vocals.

Andread Lucciano

Compositions, Music, Base Guitar

João Costa

Drums and Percussion

Marcelo Porto

Backing Vocals.

Luna Clara Fernandez

Backing Vocals.

Sid Poffo


Isnard Freire


Gian Becker

Brass and Auxiliar keyboards.

About Grass Effect

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